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Something’s not right with the status quo of black men in America

Something’s not right.

Something’s not right with Rodney King’s odd fame and short, directionless life.

Something’s not right when, according to The Center forConstitutional Rights’ website, some 84 percent of the people stopped in New York City’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” policy are Latino and African-American.

Something’s not right when the majority of deaths reported in Chicago’s recent   homicide spike involved black men on the sprawling city’s South and West sides, according to WBEZ Radio in Chicago and my own work as aWest Side beat reporter during the 1990s for The Chicago Tribune.

Something is not right with the hypnotic draw of the gangs, the Baby Daddy-Baby Mama drama, the homelessness, the joblessness, the lack of drive and motivation for some, the dreams deferred for others.

And then there are the prisons and their revolving doors, their warehousing of men like animals, the way society acts as if they don’t exist “in there.”

Something is just not right with the status quo for men of black African descent in these United States of America.

I’m not looking to blame anyone. I’m tired of all the blaming, from conservatives and liberals. From angry black nationalists and from blacks who hate being black.

I’m calling for open dialogue about solutions, followed by informed action. I’m calling for a commitment to real change.

It will not happen, however, if we can’t address each other with respect, if we can’t form coalitions across racial lines.

Honestly, folks. Who cares that some people are, possibly, “racist?” Who cares that some want radical, in-your-face change? Isn’t it enough that enough of us—from all walks of life—really want to make things better for black men in this country?

We can improve conditions and, as the leader of the free world, we should. Past societies have improved, whether by reform or revolution. We’ve done it right here in the United States, with women’s suffrage, gay equality and the transition of descendants of illiterate slaves to millionaires, diplomats, and a First Lady.

It’s clear that something is not right. The only question remaining is this: are we brave enough to come together, get beyond the rhetoric and reform our families, communities and systems?

Because letting this continue is just senseless.

— Janita Poe is a veteran, multi-platform journalist and host of The Janita Poe Show on WIGO “The Light” 1570-AM


New data on the ratio of white wealth to black wealth

The ratio of white wealth to black wealth? 20 to 1. More on wealth in Black America:

Janita Poe Show Moves to WIGO Radio 1570-AM “The Light”

New One-Hour Talk Show Set To Debut 3 p.m. Sat., July 14 

Donzellar Farrow
Esquire Connect Productions
Sales: 404-444-2955

Ellenwood, GA – June 7, 2012 – Award-winning business and urban affairs journalist Janita Poe has joined the WIGO Radio 1570-AM “The Light” team, Brian Poe, Esq., of Poe Simpson Law, and Larry Young, Assistant General Manager/Sales for WIGO announced today. Janita will host the one-hour “Janita Poe Show” every Saturday, from 3 to 4 p.m.

The show – which “seeks a better understanding of and solutions to the myriad problems facing African-Americans today” and which features regular commentary on fitness, jobs news and wealth building – will continue on, where Janita’s shows are archived and enhanced with video and supporting news reports. In addition to hosting the show,

Janita will work at WIGO as a programmer, special events marketer and salesperson for “The Poe Show” as well as the daily 6-7 a.m. “The Rick Joyner Experience,” the daily 7-8 a.m. “Gospel Hour/Bernice King Show” and all other gospel and talk shows on the station.

“We are thrilled to have Janita on our team,” Young said Wednesday, after the first planning meeting for Janita’s move to the station. “Janita grew up in Atlanta and is a popular news personality. We believe this is a coup for her and a coup for us.”

The Janita Poe Show has already built a reputation for candid commentary about the many issues facing African Americans today. The show promotes independent, critical thinking and seeks to have the necessary candid conversations about society’s real problems. Janita features special guests and welcome callers with a range of different points of view and, of course, Janita has no problem sharing her opinion about the subject matter. Unlike other black-oriented talk shows, The Poe avoids the ‘woe is me’ rhetoric and is never boring or depressing.

“I wanted a show that would engage progressive black Americans and people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds on issues that often are not discussed out in the open,” Poe explained. “Some will say that I am airing dirty laundry but I want to get to solutions and action. I want to ensure that all views from our community are heard and yes, that does include our conservatives, our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, the atheists, Muslims and other faiths and non-black Americans who live in our community and who are in our families.”

About WIGO: WIGO has strong roots in the Atlanta metro area. The station was at the 1340-AM frequency during the 1970s and early 1980s and featured popular personalities such as Hal Lamar, who eventually moved to WAOK 1380-AM. More recently, the station has served a Spanish-speaking audience and used the name WSSA. The station is currently an affiliate of The Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation and includes gospel music, business, sports and talk radio formats.

For sales information, please see our rates page on, email or call Janita directly at 404-444-2955. Ads for the July 14th show may be purchased on the show’s Eventbrite page.

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