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I’m Montgomery Hub Director, ‘Poe in the Gump’ columnist for The Alabama Media Group

I’m Montgomery Hub Director, ‘Poe in the Gump’ columnist for The Alabama Media Group.


Stop Blocking Move Towards Equality Under Obama

No, I have NOT read all of this (yet) but in response to what I have read I will say that I have a completely different view of Obama as our first black president: Please, folks, we just overcame what we thought was impossible–a black president–and he hasn’t been assassinated yet. I’m being very serious here!

The first black president, if it was ever to happen, was to be a Republican, probably married to a white woman (guys, I’m just saying…) who would never speak the way this president does about race, democracy and moving beyond partisan politics. Folks, let’s put this in perspective.

To sustain a relatively free (in contrast to most of the world) society, you have to have moderation. Please study history; revolutions do not work; the demonstrators simply become the oppressors. Can you say Liberia??!!!? Did you read Animal Farm? Know your history and celebration the slow, positive transition we are experiencing with the historic transformation of racial power and a move towards equality. Get real folks and stop talking about what Prez Obama does not say, do or deliver to Black America.

Just by getting elected and leading the way he does is more than we were ever dreaming of having; President Obama is laying the foundation for a more racially-balanced society. This is as good as it gets so please stop fighting the good!!!!!

This is in response to (the very well-written) piece today in The Atlantic by TA-NEHISI COATES Fear of a Black President.

Tired of Black Hypocrisy Towards Racial Profiling of Latinos

I’m back in Atlanta after a busy week at the National Association of Black Journalists’ convention in New Orleans, immersed in my routine and turning my radio dial to WAOK 1380-AM, our city’s premier black talk radio station.

Before I can pull out of my driveway, I hear enlightened host Mo Ivory battling with a caller who is saying this:

“…. well, some of them are illegal” and “…the police have to stop them because some of them don’t have papers” and so on.

Come again?

Take away “illegal” and “papers” and you could be listening to a white American in the 1950s justifying Jim Crow laws against Negroes (no, wait, we’re black… no, no, African-American now).

How quickly we forget. And I’m not just I’m not just talking to Black America. Sure, we’re the latest example, but this oppression amnesia, this myopic indifferent to discrimination is something humans have struggled to overcome since the beginning of time.

Remember 8th grade English and George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” a fairytale of sorts where the pigs overthrow the human farmer and establish a fair society but soon begin walking upright and discrimination against non-pigs?

The lesson in that classic book was clear: more often than not, the oppressed becomes the oppressor.

In the case of African-American and the treatment of Latinos in Arizona and other parts of the country, too many of us are acting like the pigs.

Too many of us are eager to do what was done to us.

Listen to the rhetoric on the radio or even to your own black friend or neighbor who espouses the anti-immigrant view.

They are justifying targeting and deporting a specific group—brown people primarily from Mexico and three or four other poor countries in Latin America—while ignoring the fact that this country quietly absorbs undocumented immigrants from Europe and many parts of Asia every single day.

They are doing what was done to us and we should be ashamed for it.

Do I think every person from Latin America is an advocate for Black Americans? No.

As a student of other languages I have experienced blatant racism from light-skinned Mexicans (rubios) while studying Spanish and living in Mexico. I once was barred from a rubio and white American nightclub because of the color of my skin. But, I also have made friends with mestizos (the racially-mixed majority in Mexico) and indios (indigenous people) as well as progressive rubios. And I seek coalitions with Latinos seeking coalitions with me and my people, and expect other African-Americans to do the same.

I’ve heard people talk about how “the system” is playing minorities in this country and I have to agree.

Like it or not, we are not the majority in this country. African-Americans make up a mere 12.3 percent of the U.S. population, according to 2010 Census figures. Latinos are only 15 percent (that includes black Latinos) and other major ethnic groups comprise about 10 percent of the country.

So, if we want to address our concerns as oppressed people we need to align with others with similar experiences and form coalitions and speak on influential platforms. Together.

Talk all you want to about them and the problems you think they are bring to this country but if we don’t make and keep alliances—with them— we’re going to be left out in the cold.

— Janita Poe is an Atlanta-based commentator and former staff writer for the Chicago Tribune and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

New data on the ratio of white wealth to black wealth

The ratio of white wealth to black wealth? 20 to 1. More on wealth in Black America:

Janita Poe Show Moves to WIGO Radio 1570-AM “The Light”

New One-Hour Talk Show Set To Debut 3 p.m. Sat., July 14 

Donzellar Farrow
Esquire Connect Productions
Sales: 404-444-2955

Ellenwood, GA – June 7, 2012 – Award-winning business and urban affairs journalist Janita Poe has joined the WIGO Radio 1570-AM “The Light” team, Brian Poe, Esq., of Poe Simpson Law, and Larry Young, Assistant General Manager/Sales for WIGO announced today. Janita will host the one-hour “Janita Poe Show” every Saturday, from 3 to 4 p.m.

The show – which “seeks a better understanding of and solutions to the myriad problems facing African-Americans today” and which features regular commentary on fitness, jobs news and wealth building – will continue on, where Janita’s shows are archived and enhanced with video and supporting news reports. In addition to hosting the show,

Janita will work at WIGO as a programmer, special events marketer and salesperson for “The Poe Show” as well as the daily 6-7 a.m. “The Rick Joyner Experience,” the daily 7-8 a.m. “Gospel Hour/Bernice King Show” and all other gospel and talk shows on the station.

“We are thrilled to have Janita on our team,” Young said Wednesday, after the first planning meeting for Janita’s move to the station. “Janita grew up in Atlanta and is a popular news personality. We believe this is a coup for her and a coup for us.”

The Janita Poe Show has already built a reputation for candid commentary about the many issues facing African Americans today. The show promotes independent, critical thinking and seeks to have the necessary candid conversations about society’s real problems. Janita features special guests and welcome callers with a range of different points of view and, of course, Janita has no problem sharing her opinion about the subject matter. Unlike other black-oriented talk shows, The Poe avoids the ‘woe is me’ rhetoric and is never boring or depressing.

“I wanted a show that would engage progressive black Americans and people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds on issues that often are not discussed out in the open,” Poe explained. “Some will say that I am airing dirty laundry but I want to get to solutions and action. I want to ensure that all views from our community are heard and yes, that does include our conservatives, our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, the atheists, Muslims and other faiths and non-black Americans who live in our community and who are in our families.”

About WIGO: WIGO has strong roots in the Atlanta metro area. The station was at the 1340-AM frequency during the 1970s and early 1980s and featured popular personalities such as Hal Lamar, who eventually moved to WAOK 1380-AM. More recently, the station has served a Spanish-speaking audience and used the name WSSA. The station is currently an affiliate of The Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation and includes gospel music, business, sports and talk radio formats.

For sales information, please see our rates page on, email or call Janita directly at 404-444-2955. Ads for the July 14th show may be purchased on the show’s Eventbrite page.

Advertise on The Janita Poe Show on WIGO 1570-AM “The Light”

Ads for the “The Janita Poe Show” featuring Atlanta’s Health and Wealth Builders — 3-4 p.m. every Saturday on WIGO 1570-AM “The Light” —  are now for sale (first show is July 14th). You can’t beat our spot ad and liner rates!

Though not a part of the ad rate, like Avis, I “try harder,” and provide plenty of free additional exposure to my sponsors by promoting their name, events, books, etc., on my social media platforms before and after my shows.

In addition, unless we have Internet connectivity problems, I archive all of my shows on, so most advertisers enjoy exposure on that platform as well.

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