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Stop Blocking Move Towards Equality Under Obama

No, I have NOT read all of this (yet) but in response to what I have read I will say that I have a completely different view of Obama as our first black president: Please, folks, we just overcame what we thought was impossible–a black president–and he hasn’t been assassinated yet. I’m being very serious here!

The first black president, if it was ever to happen, was to be a Republican, probably married to a white woman (guys, I’m just saying…) who would never speak the way this president does about race, democracy and moving beyond partisan politics. Folks, let’s put this in perspective.

To sustain a relatively free (in contrast to most of the world) society, you have to have moderation. Please study history; revolutions do not work; the demonstrators simply become the oppressors. Can you say Liberia??!!!? Did you read Animal Farm? Know your history and celebration the slow, positive transition we are experiencing with the historic transformation of racial power and a move towards equality. Get real folks and stop talking about what Prez Obama does not say, do or deliver to Black America.

Just by getting elected and leading the way he does is more than we were ever dreaming of having; President Obama is laying the foundation for a more racially-balanced society. This is as good as it gets so please stop fighting the good!!!!!

This is in response to (the very well-written) piece today in The Atlantic by TA-NEHISI COATES Fear of a Black President.


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One thought on “Stop Blocking Move Towards Equality Under Obama

  1. I think this article describes, as well as the committee was able to, why President Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize before he had a chance to do anything. Nice post.

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