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Stop Blocking Move Towards Equality Under Obama

No, I have NOT read all of this (yet) but in response to what I have read I will say that I have a completely different view of Obama as our first black president: Please, folks, we just overcame what we thought was impossible–a black president–and he hasn’t been assassinated yet. I’m being very serious here!

The first black president, if it was ever to happen, was to be a Republican, probably married to a white woman (guys, I’m just saying…) who would never speak the way this president does about race, democracy and moving beyond partisan politics. Folks, let’s put this in perspective.

To sustain a relatively free (in contrast to most of the world) society, you have to have moderation. Please study history; revolutions do not work; the demonstrators simply become the oppressors. Can you say Liberia??!!!? Did you read Animal Farm? Know your history and celebration the slow, positive transition we are experiencing with the historic transformation of racial power and a move towards equality. Get real folks and stop talking about what Prez Obama does not say, do or deliver to Black America.

Just by getting elected and leading the way he does is more than we were ever dreaming of having; President Obama is laying the foundation for a more racially-balanced society. This is as good as it gets so please stop fighting the good!!!!!

This is in response to (the very well-written) piece today in The Atlantic by TA-NEHISI COATES Fear of a Black President.


What Makes Someone “World’s Greatest Athlete?”

Olympics 2012 is over but a debate is still raging around real and social media water coolers about who is the world’s greatest athlete.

Personally? I don’t think one person can hold the title because there are many sports and, within them, many different disciplines.

That said, nothing wrong with dialoguing about the skills, techniques and natural talents that impress us the most.
Doping questions aside, I certainly became fans of many athletes over the last two weeks and, from my view, all are among the “world’s greatest.”

They include but are not limited to Carmelita Jeter, the world’s fastest living 100-meter female sprinter on record; 200-meter swimming phenom Ye Shiwen; 6-mile women’s marathon force; and, of course, the most decorated Olympian ever, Michael Phelps, and the fastest short distance human on the planet, the new Ali, sprinter Usain Bolt.

So, what about Ashton Eaton, the decathlon winner? According to Olympic tradition, the gold medalist in this event is to be dubbed “world’s greatest.”

But is that really the case? To me, the decathlon is a track-and-field event much like a triathlon: you have be good at several sports but master of none. Nice, but I’m more awed by a swimmer who can freestyle six fast miles in open water than a chap who throws a javelin, pole vaults and jogs sorta fast around a track.

Well, that’s my view. Now I’d love to read yours.

Is one person from Olympics 2012 the world’s greatest athlete? Do you believe we can narrow it down to one? Do tell!

Misty May and her Olympic 2012 Shout Outs! LOL!!

I’m going to miss Beach Volleyball star Misty May getting WAAAYYY up in camera to say: “Hi Bob, Aunt Em, Pop Corn, Karen ‘dem, Big Grannie. BYE.”

Love the Olympics 2012 athletes. Thanks for the memories!

Black Women NOT Beautiful? 2012 Olympics Track Shows World That is NOT the Case

Considering all the negative rhetoric questioning black female beauty (Satashi Kanazawa’s “Psychology Today” article comes to mind), I want to point out the amazing beauty of women of black African descent in the 2012 Olympics track and in other track and field competitions.

To those who say these athletes “have other races in them,” well, what are black Americans and black Caribbeans then? People of black African descent who, for the most part, have some degree of white and Native blood.

With that backdrop in mind, here is my tribute to my strong, pretty, accomplished sisters of track and field. Please visit my photo gallery on Pinterest “Like” the page if you agree that these women are strong, driven and very beautiful:

Go ladies!!!!

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